Wednesday, August 31, 2005



These guys are fucking intense! Skate thrash punk in the vien of early SF VAT punk. check these guys out if they are near you area....they are gem amongst loads of boring punk bands. Great live set...a must see. Hailing from North San Diego County. It's fucking Chaotic Mess.

Click here to hear em



Here is another great local hardcore punk...from California's High Desert! Hailing from Victorville, CA. A real great band all around. I have personally met the band and they are real great guys. They have been playing in the High Desert for a few years and have a demo from an older lineup from the 90's, but they are back with an even better and more intense lineup and will rocking the High Desert. A definite look up.

Click hear to hear 90's demo

Thursday, August 25, 2005



First off I am new to the whole blog bare with me..I can only improve..I ran across looking up some info on certain bands. So I might begin with a band I know own "Dirtbag"
which was formed July 2004 and still continues to this day. The band consist of me on drums along with my brother Mike on Vocals and lead guitar, my step on rthym guitar and another mike on bass. well here on some tracks that will be released on our debut CD "Wastoid Scum"....

Click here to hear 3 songs

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