Wednesday, September 14, 2005



This is band I recently ran into a month or two ago opening up for Ill Repute. They were plenty of typical openers, but these guys stood out. They hail from Hunington Beach and I look forward to catching em play again. From what I understand they have CD that is being released any day now. Look em up! Check out these two songs....

Homo Sexual party boy

Juan Denver

Tuesday, September 13, 2005



WANTED DEAD.....great fucking tough punk from O'side CA. With members from the early nineties band the Numbsculz comes some fist pumpimg punk rock. Great live band who usauly has Scarface theme music playing before they come out and they just tear the room apart. Check em out they have 2 cd's out and a 7"....Hear's a song from the "Repercussions" CD.

Down and Dirty



Here is another great band from California's High Desert. if you haven't noticed (in fact if anyone even fucking checks my blogs in the first place)all the bands so far are from CA. Two of the members of this band are/were in the hard hitting punk band Fecal Matter. They play a mix of Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk...really fucking good! They have a Full Length Lp out "prepare to die" available and have two songs out on a comp CD. Check em out they will be playing near you soon!

Click here to give em a listen

Monday, September 05, 2005



Again another awesome band from North County. HELLFIRE of the hardest working bands i know. From running there own DIY label to setting up insane shows all the time, back to back. And their music is strong. For some reasons reminds me of Really Red....I don't know why but they do. They have there own sound and it's fucking nice! Check em out!

Click here to hear em

Friday, September 02, 2005


Caustic Uproar

Another fucking awesome band from North San Diego County! Caustic Uproar holds nothing back....great energy live! Check em out if they play in your area. Every member veterans to the scene....with ex members of Manifest DEstiny and Hellfire Trigger..and more. They have two Demo CD's out...they newest one being my favorite "Just another Number"...but here is a song of the first Demo CD "Victims of Now"

Listen to It's Our Right/Uncle Sham

Wednesday, August 31, 2005



These guys are fucking intense! Skate thrash punk in the vien of early SF VAT punk. check these guys out if they are near you area....they are gem amongst loads of boring punk bands. Great live set...a must see. Hailing from North San Diego County. It's fucking Chaotic Mess.

Click here to hear em



Here is another great local hardcore punk...from California's High Desert! Hailing from Victorville, CA. A real great band all around. I have personally met the band and they are real great guys. They have been playing in the High Desert for a few years and have a demo from an older lineup from the 90's, but they are back with an even better and more intense lineup and will rocking the High Desert. A definite look up.

Click hear to hear 90's demo

Thursday, August 25, 2005



First off I am new to the whole blog bare with me..I can only improve..I ran across looking up some info on certain bands. So I might begin with a band I know own "Dirtbag"
which was formed July 2004 and still continues to this day. The band consist of me on drums along with my brother Mike on Vocals and lead guitar, my step on rthym guitar and another mike on bass. well here on some tracks that will be released on our debut CD "Wastoid Scum"....

Click here to hear 3 songs

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